Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Monday, 13 December 2010

Problems of the first evaluation.

We did a summary with a power point explaining all things that we did in the first evaluation with a recording. To start with the work, after we did the power point and the recording we had to upload it to a program of internet called Slideshare, but we had some problems in this process. So we get up the work with google docs, and finally we present the work in our blog. If you want to see the power point  click here and also to understand better you can hear the recording here.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Roy J. Glauber

   Roy Jay Glauber is an American theoretical physicist that was born on 1 of September in 1925. He is the Proffesor of Physics at Harvard University and Anjunt Prefessor at the University of Arizona.

In high school he built his own telescope using it to photograph a lunar eclipse, and later he built a spectroscope that won the science fair in the city and was shown at the 1939 World's Leading Trade Fair in New York.

    The most important honor that he won was the Novel Preize in Phisics in 2005 because of the contribution of the teory of optical coherence. In this work, published in 1963, he created a model for photodetection and explained the fundamental characteristics of different types of light. His theories are used in the field of quantum optics.

    His work involved calculating the critical mass for the atom bomb. Glauber has problems in a number of areas of quantum optics.

    He currently lives in Arlington, Massachusetts and is the Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics at Harvard University, where both past and present students enthusiastically praised his teaching to Harvard Crimson reporters. On April 15, 2010 police in Arlington caught a man they suspected of breaking into Glauber's home, he was later convicted of breaking and entering, but in the end it was only a replica of Glauber's Nobel Prize that was stolen. Glauber has two children, a son and a daughter, and five grandchildren.

    We choose this Person because we think that it wons a very good prize and we think that it was very important in the physicist world in that age.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


       We did a work among all of ICTs. We are tuenty-two persons and we do this work in pairs. Each pair started writing a different story, which could be love, horror ... And when we did the first four lines, the next pair had to continue with that story as they wonted. Like that, we did each pair eleven parts of a story. The next story, is the one we started and it is a horror story.See the whole process here. 

Missing parents

    It was a rainy day, when a boy arrived at his house and he realized that his parents weren't there. The boy started looking for his parents in different places of the town that it was very little. When he was in the largest street of the town, he saw an old woman wearing a very horrible dress, that said his parents had run to another town.

    When he heard that, he became very nervous and he went very quickly to his house and he prepared the suitcase to go after them without thinking it twice. Then he took the nearest train and headed towards the tower Hiroshima to control them better.

    He arrived to the tower at ten o’clock. He took the elevator and he stopped in the last floor. Jerry ran very fast to the window, he looked everywhere but he didn’t see his parents. He fell down desperately to the floor and he started crying. Suddenly a young woman appeared and asked him what was happening. Jerry told everything to her, she heard carefully and she promised that she was going to help him.

    She told him that she was called Mary and that the best idea was to call the police. But nobody had a phone so they could not call the police. Suddenly a police appeared with his dog.The dog was very very dangerous and very big. It had a big mouth with very sharp teeth. The dog started barking and the man held the dog.

   But the dog was stronger than the policeman and it scaped. It was going directly to Mary, and she started screaming. The dog bit her on the tight and she started bleeding. The policeman grabbed the dog and he tied it to a streetlamp. Jerry put a tourniquet on her tight and the policeman called an ambulance.

   Immediately the ambulance came and they took Mary to the hospital. When Mary was better the police came to the hospital to say sorry. Mary said that it was an accident and that the dog was responsible, not him. Afterwards, Mary explained to the police the problem he had with his parents.

   The police tried to calm her because she was very nervous. Then, after Mary went out of the hospital, they started investigating in all of the city, asking people. Suddenly, they met a young boy and they asked him; he said that he had seen her parents going to take a train to go to another city, but he didn’t know where.

   Suddenly he remembered that he had seen the destination of train, it was going to oklahoma. the police went to Oklahoma and started looking for her parents. the police went to the police station of Oklahoma and informed the police fromthere about the situation. they put papers in the street to trie to find her parents.

   The boy took a train to Oklahoma and when I got there. He went to the police station to Oklahoma but the police knew nothing about his parents. The police made five patrols to search for parents. He started to look for his parents by him self. He found his parents hanging from a tree branch.

  Jerry couldn’t believe it and he started running very scared, then he went to the police and he told them all that he had seen. The police went to the place that Jerry had found his parents. The police started investigaiting who was the responsable of that because they didn’t think that it was a suicide.

   Began to take fingerprints and saw that the footprints belonged to the chief of police then rounded up all the head and began to question him, why did ... if he was right in the head ... then the boy grabbed the gun and killed a police chief, there was over and the boy was arrested for murder.


Friday, 24 September 2010

September 11th

      On September 11th  of 2001, 4 planes were kidnapped to destroy the Twin Towers, The Pentagon and perhaps the White House. In that time we were six years old, and we don't remember well how it happened but we saw it a lot of times on TV. Two planes crashed the Twin Towers. When the first crashed the people thought that it was an accident but when the secound crashed, the people believed that it was a terrorist attack.

       It was the first time that they used planes like weapons. The third plane crashed against the pentagon and the fourth exploded in the air.The people thought that they were going towards the White House. There are a lot of theories about this fourth plane. Some people think that maybe they used missiles to make it explode and died little numbers of people of the plane. In the terrorist attack of the Twin Towers many people died. The people thought that the towers wouldn't go down so the firemen and other people went inside to rescue the people that were inside. But it was impossible to rescue the people that were in the final floors. And a helicopter couldn´t rescue these workers because the toxic smoke didn't let them see anything. But finally the two towers fell and a lot of people that were inside died. Later a lot of planes were cancelled.

      This attack happened because the Arabian people thought that the Americans feel that they are the owners of the world. Behind this attack we supposed that was the Islamic group Al Queda represented by Osama Bin Laden. They attacked the twin towers because they were a symbol for the Americans and also were a symbol of the economy. There worked a lot of people with high reputation. And they attacked the Pentagon because it was the most protected headquarter of the world.

      That event had a big impact because it was the first time that USA was attacked in their territory and also because it was the first time that they used planes like bombs. Another reason was that all the world could see it live on TV and the American can´t explain how they attacked USA because this country invested a lot of money in security. All the people were in a constant fright. The government decided to cancel all the flights. Bush the president of that time decided to attack Afganistan, with the excuse that the Talibanes, the government of there, protected Osama Bin Laden, but really they wanted to control the petrol that goes through Afganistan and change the government of Afganistan and put in a new government, allies of the Americans.


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Hello, we are Miren and Leire and we are students of dbh4 of  ICTs.
We have done these blog to show you our works.